Google I/O Registration Opens March 27th, Prepare For Some Sticker Shock

Vic Gundotra took to Google+ today to announce the registration date for this year’s Google I/O. The developer conference — which has been extended to a 3-day event — will be open for registration on March 27 at 7 a.m. PDT. Registration is first-come first-serve and this year’s ticket prices will have you running to your nearest pawn shop. Tickets have doubled in price from $450 to $900! This should trim down all the johns attending the event in hopes of scoring a free device, or simply trying to scalp their tickets on Ebay, but still… ouch!

The Google I/O site is up and running and has all the information you need for registering. You’ll need a G+ account to register and Google Wallet to make payment. If you want a chance at getting a ticket, we suggest you take care of all the prerequisites as soon as possible (last year’s event sold out in less than an hour). You’ll find a link to the Google I/O site and all the information below.

So what do you guys think of that $900 price? Will it prevent you from attending or do you plan on selling your soul to get there?