Nexus 4 Users Can Now Get The Early Adopter Version Of The Sailfish OS

Jolla Sailfish

The Jolla Sailfish OS from the makers of MeeGo has long been expected to make its way to users of the LG Nexus 4. The company has now rolled out an early adopter version of this OS meant for users of the 2012 Nexus smartphone. This will basically give users a very early preview of the new OS and will help better understand its functioning.

The ROM reportedly has data connection and SMS functionality available at the moment, while in-call audio isn’t working. Other features like the camera and bluetooth are said to be non-functional as well. So this might not be a feasible option if the Nexus 4 is your primary smartphone.

Jolla has promised to fix these features with future updates, but as it stands, the ROM is far from usable. The team is now looking to bring this ROM to the users of the Samsung Galaxy S III in the coming days for testing purposes.

Users who have signed up to receive updates on this new port will get an email notifying them of its availability. The ROM is said to be based off CyanogenMod 10.1, in order to make it easily compatible with Android.

Make sure you give this ROM a try if you have a spare Nexus 4 with you.