Motorola Informs Customer That His DROID X2 Will Not Be Receiving Ice Cream Sandwich

An unhappy Motorola DROID X2 customer decided to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau over their locked bootloader policy and lackluster update practice. Motorola eventually responded to the complaint, passing the bootlocker blame onto the carriers and then informing the customer that the DROID X2 was not on their list of devices to receive Ice Cream Sandwich. This information is very disheartening to DROID X2 owners whose device is less than a year old. I find this to be unacceptable and completely goes against the pledge Motorola (and other manufacturers) made as part of the Google Update Alliance back in May of 2011. The alliance was formed to ensure timely updates would be provided to consumers for at least 18 months after the launch of a new device and this BBB response isn’t a good sign of Motorola’s commitment to that pledge.

I guarantee this decision will lead a large number of Motorola users to abandon Motorola in favor of another manufacturer when it comes time for them to upgrade or purchase a new device. It’s never in a companies best interest to ignore its promises and commitments to consumers, and it seems Motorola could care less. It’s not looking good for Motorola and we can only hope Google’s acquisition of the company changes this. We’ll just have to wait and see. For now, you can check out Motorola’s BBB response below.

Dear Ivan,

I am responding to the complaint you filed with Better Business Bureau regarding our Droid X2 model phone. I reviewed your recent case notes and it is noted that you received information from Motorola regarding Bootloader unlock and Ice Cream Sandwich.

We are working to balance the operator requirement for security to the end user, while supporting the developer communities desire to use these products as a development platform. It is our intention to enable the unlockable/relockable bootloader currently found on Motorola XOOM on other devices, where carrier and operators will allow it. This process is requiring a good deal of consideration and technical infrastructure and we have no announcements to make at this time for unlocking any devices.

Droid X2 is not on our list of devices that are slated to get Ice Cream Sandwich, but that does not mean it is not continuing to get support. Though it will remain on Gingerbread it is eligible for software updates if it’s determined that any are needed.

Thank You,
Dorothy Hodges
Corporate Consumer Advocacy Office