Nokia: Youth Tired Of iPhone And Confused By Android Turn To Windows [Laughable]

Nokia Lumia 800 (nokia_fan -

Kids, are you tired of the iPhone and just plain confused by Android? The answer lies in Windows, according to Nokia. If you can stop shaking with laughter long enough, the has-been mobile phone maker is reinventing itself as the hip, with-it and oh so new alternative to Apple’s boring smartphone.

Nokia, which recently adopted the Windows Phone platform, said in an interview “youth are pretty much fed up with iPhones. Everyone has an iPhone.”

I can see where Niels Munksgaard, director of Portfolio, Product Marketing and Sales is trying to go with this line: attempting to revive the company using Apple’s ‘Think Different’ campaign.

After dissing Android phones for their ‘complexity’ and ‘lack of security,” Munksgaard goes on to recommend young people wanting to stay on the cutting edge should try ‘something new,’ like Windows Phone-based handsets.

The Nokia exec has a real argument against Android. As the grandfather in a tech-crazed home, you couldn’t give away an Android phone to a teen or young adult. But the Nokia representative speaks of a “sea of sameness” when it comes to choosing a phone today. Perhaps that is because every manufacturer is trying to ride the iPhone’s coattails simply by looking like the Apple product.

Instead of trying to advance Nokia’s market share by depressing the iPhone’s market, the Finnish company might want to take the tact of Amazon. The internet retail has intelligently positioned the Kindle Fire not as better than the iPad or better than other Android tablets, but as the best alternative. The new Windows Phone-based Nokia handsets offer some of the best non-iPhone experiences. Features like Nokia Mix Radio that gets rid of all the hoops and roadblocks that usually reduce consumer interest to around zero should be interesting. The same for handset design.

But the idea that iPhones are too popular for young people to want them is not only irrational, but has little touch with reality, beyond wishful thinking.