Single-Core Intel Powered Santa Clara Holds Its Own In Browser Benchmark Tests

If you’re into benchmarks, you may be interested in the latest results from the Intel powered Santa Clara set to hit France in June. We’re all curious to see how Intel’s new Medfield chips perform and whether or not they will shake up the mobile market as they claim they will. A German blogger recently took the Santa Clara for a spin through Rightware and Vellamo, both of which are browser benchmark tools. Rightware tests the browser’s performance in JavaScript and HTML rendering. The Intel chip performed quite nicely, scoring a 89180 which is slightly better than the iPhone 4S (87801) but still well under the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (98272).

Vellamo is a more well-known benchmark tool by Qualcomm and a more in-depth suite featuring 11 separate benchmarks. The Santa Clara did impressively well in the Vellamo test and even outperformed the Galaxy Nexus in every aspect other than User Experience. Now we all know benchmark numbers aren’t always an indication of how the device will actually perform in a user’s hands, but seeing the Santa Clara hold its own against the big boys — despite only having a 1.6GHz single-core processor — is a good sign for Intel and the future of their Medfield chipset.

via Netbook News