Google Releases Personalized Magazine App, Google Currents — And We’re Launch Partners!

In an effort to keep up with the entrance of popular magazine-style web readers like the ever popular (and Phil Schiller approved) Flipboard, Google has just released their new app, Currents, for both iOS and Android. And our sites Cult of Mac and Cult of Android are both launch partners!

Offering a personalized, magazine-style reading experience on mobile devices that is automatically resized and recromulated depending on the size of the device screen you’re viewing it on, the big advantage of Currents over the likes of Flipboard or Zite is that Currents uses Google’s massive index of the web to bring you trending content in your interests groups.

Here’s how Google describes Google Currents:

Publisher editions – Publishers such as Forbes, TechCrunch, Saveur, Popular Science, Good, 500px, Fast Company and more have produced hundreds of editions including in-depth articles, videos, fine photography, slideshows, live-maps, and social streams.

Google trending editions – Google Currents uses Google search technology to hourly build a set of editions tracking the five most recent trending stories in categories such as world, entertainment, sports, science, and more. Each story is presented through a fresh edition of articles, videos, and pictures,

Your favorite blogs and feeds – Instantly, turn your Google Reader subscriptions, or any of your favorite blogs/feeds into a beautiful edition with a magazine feel.

Each edition is available for high speed offline reading, and provides quick-touch sharing. Google Propeller self-adapts to differently sized phones and tablets, with your subscriptions synchronized across devices. Google Currents – a reading experience not to be missed.

Google Currents can also handle rich media and other different types of online content (although obviously no Flash).

We’ve been using Google Currents all morning, and we’re loving what we’re seeing so far. It’s not as flashy as Flipboard, but I actually prefer that. Anyway, give it a shot, and make sure to subscribe to Cult of Android and Cult of Mac once you’ve downloaded the app! We’d be much obliged (and let’s face it: it beats our mobile site).