LG G Pro 2 And The G2 To Get A Price Cut After The Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Launched

LG G Pro 2

A new report states that LG could be looking to reduce prices of the G Pro 2 and the G2 flagships once the Samsung Galaxy S5 arrives in the market in mid-April. It is said that the G Pro 2 is currently outselling the G2 despite being a phablet, so it’s feasible to slash prices in order to make them more attractive to the buyers.

LG has clarified that this price reduction will happen internationally so as to remain competitive when the new Samsung flagship storms the markets. While a price reduction might not have a massive impact on the customers’ decision making, it will certainly help them sway towards the LG offering if they’re looking for a good value for money device.

The G2 is prepared to get a refresh with the LG G3 later in May or June. The two Korean manufacturers are fiercely competitive in the mobile industry and it will be interesting to see how Samsung reacts when the G3 hits the market.

At this point, the LG G Pro 2 costs slightly more than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which gives us a brief idea of how LG treats its flagships. But that is going to change very soon.