LG G3 To Sport A 5.5-inch Quad HD Display [Leak]


The LG G3 is still quite a few months away from its official unveiling but leaks about the handset have already started springing up. The latest leak comes from the folks over at PhoneArena who have been tipped by their sources inside LG that the G3 will come with a 5.5-inch Quad HD display.

At 5.5-inches, this would give the display on the G3 an eye-popping PPI of 534. Previous leaks about the LG G3 have also suggested that the handset will come with a Quad HD resolution. For comparisons sake, the LG G2 comes with a 5.2-inch 1080p screen with a pixel density of 424PPI.

PhoneArena tipster also suggests that the handset will come with “advanced personalisation” features including location-based reminders and an Aviate like homescreen that offers personalised recommendations depending on the time of the day and your position.

The problem with the LG G3 coming with a Quad HD display is that it also greatly increases the power draw and the strain on the GPU/CPU, which might lead to poor battery life. In its present state, the negatives of a Quad HD display on a mobile handset far outweighs its positives. It is also very much possible that LG would release two variants of the G3 — one with a 1080p display and another one with a Quad HD display — just like Oppo is going to do with its Find 7 handset.