LG D850 Spotted Featuring A 2K Resolution Display [Leak]


There has been plenty of talk about the upcoming LG G3 handset which is all set for an unveiling in a couple of months from now. Today, a Twitter source has managed to gather more details on this handset thanks to a User Agent Profile leak. This reveals the smartphone carrying the model number LG D850 and packing a 2K resolution display, although the size wasn’t mentioned.

While the UAProf doesn’t mention the G3 anywhere, it’s safe to assume that this is indeed the G3 as LG has no other smartphone on the horizon right now. The manufacturer recently unveiled the G Pro 2 phablet with several new improvements, but nothing new in terms of display. So it is expected that the upcoming flagship will make that big jump to a 2K display.

Several experts argue that use of a 2K resolution display might be overkill for a smartphone and that it is much suited for a tablet. However, it doesn’t look like the manufacturers will slow down on the hardware front as they have to remain competitive in the industry. We’ll hope to learn more about this LG smartphone in the coming days, so take this new leak with a pinch of salt until then.