Tell Google Now “Play Some Music” To Launch An I’m Feeling Feeling Lucky Radio Station


Earlier this week, Google introduced the ability to take pictures and video through Google Now via a simple voice command. Today, the company has enabled another new voice command for Now users that will automatically start the “I’m feeling lucky”¬†radio station in Play Music.¬†

The voice command “play some music” will automatically launch the Google Play Music app on your Android device and start the radio station. If you have subscribed to Play Music All Access, then you get to enjoy listening to an infinite number of songs, all based on your listening habits.

The command has been enabled by Google from their server side and does not require any kind of app update to work but make sure you are running the latest version of Google Now that was released last week.

Over the last couple of weeks, Google has introduced many new voice commands including ‘Ok Google’ hotword detection for Australian, German and French users.