Official YouTube App For Google TV Revived With New Update


Google has revived its official YouTube app for Google TV more than a month after it was pulled from the Play Store. The search giant today rolled out a new update that adds customizable closed captions, better SafeSearch, and improved stability.

It’s a relatively minor update — the app looks exactly the same as before, and there are no major new features — but given that it brings the YouTube app for Google TV back to the Play Store, it’s pretty significant for Google TV users.

Here are the release notes for version 1.7.5:

• Customizable closed captions, with better support of remote control
• SafeSearch now respects system-wide settings
• Improved stability while playing Watch Later videos

Google’s decision to pull YouTube for Google TV always felt like a confusing one. While the platform is almost dead at this point, there are still plenty of people out there still using it — and it seemed unlikely Google would pull a headline app for one of its most popular services.

Whatever the case may be, it’s back now, and you can download it direct from Google Play.