OnePlus One Will Launch With Unique ‘StyleSwap’ Covers

StyleSwap Cover

The makers of OnePlus One have been dropping hints about their upcoming smartphone through numerous forum posts, thus uncovering each important hardware aspect of the device. And now, the manufacturer has announced the launch of StyleSwap covers for its smartphone, which are basically back covers for the handset in a variety of options to choose from.

This unique case will come in a wide range of materials including standard plastic/polycarbonate cases as well as Denim, Wood, Kevlar and Bamboo. Other options include Silk and Sandstone cases, but these will be made using synthetic materials.

There’s no word on whether these covers can be customized like HTC’s Double Dip case, but it’s good news nonetheless. Pricing details haven’t been disclosed either, but fans are hoping it will go easy on their wallets.

“With a number of different covers, you will still have the ability to customize your phone while continuing to protect it. The designs are elegant and attractive, but still durable and strong,” said Pete Lau, the CEO of OnePlus.

He further added – “You no longer have to sacrifice either protection or appearance to take care of your phone. We want you to be able to adapt your phone as often as you like, and to any situation that you may find yourself in.”