Google Brings Nexus 5 And Nexus 7 To 8 New European Countries

Nexus 5

Google has just launched the Nexus 5 and the Nexus 7 tablet in eight new countries of Europe, much to the joy of the fans in the region. People in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden will now be able to pick up the premier Nexus devices directly from the local Play Store, thus avoiding the trouble of importing the smartphone from a neighboring country.

As expected, the pricing is not uniform across the eight countries and will vary accordingly. Some of these regions are also getting the Chromecast media dongle today, which is also worth a look.

The launch of these devices have come a little late in the day as the Nexus 5 was launched back in November 2013 while the Nexus 7 tablet was announced back in July, but fans won’t mind that as the devices have finally arrived.

Google appears to be having a very busy week with the announcement of the Android Wear project yesterday accompanied by Motorola and LG launching smartwatches based on the new OS.