Google Now Could Get The Ability To Add Reminders Based On Specific People [Rumor]

Google Now Reminders

Google Now is pretty smart in its current iteration, which is an undeniable fact. But things could get a whole lot better with the ability to add specific people to your reminders, according to a new rumor.

Maybe there is some information you want to tell your friend but keep forgetting, so this feature will basically remind you when your friend is with you to tell him/her about it. Simply put, users can now add people to their reminders in addition to the location and time.

As this is a rumor at this point, take it with a grain of salt. However, given the features that we’ve seen from Google over the past couple of years or so with Google Now, nothing can be ruled out.

Google will obviously have to take the consent of the people before reminders are based on their location in order to avoid privacy concerns. But barring that, this seems like a very useful addition on Google Now, apart from the plethora of user friendly things that it can already do. We’re hoping to get a word or two from Google regarding this feature very soon.