Google Search Update Brings Traffic Incidents Support, “Ok Google” For German & French Languages And More


Earlier this week, Google rolled out an update for its Google Search app that brought a new detailed layout for Google Now cards and the ability to toggle the “Ok Google” hotword detection.

Turns out, the update includes a lot of other goodies as well as revealed by the official change-log posted by Google today.

The biggest change introduced in this update is the ability for Google Now cards to show traffic incidents on your planned routes. The benefits of Google acquiring Waze are slowly and steadily trickling into Maps and other services that depends on it.

Google has also expanded its “Ok Google” hotword functionality to French and German languages with this update. While the change-log also lists support for Cricket cards in Now, the feature was already added in the previous update.

The full change-log of the update is below:

What’s new:

  • Traffic incidents on your route

  • Support for cricket

  • Set reminders for chains

  • “Ok Google” hotword for German and French

Since the updates are rolled out in a phased manner, they can take up to a few days to show up on your device. You can also side load the APK from here.

If you have noticed any other change introduced in this update, do drop in a comment and let us know.