Gold Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Only Be Sold Through Vodafone In The UK

Galaxy S5 Gold

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was originally revealed to be available in four colors – shimmering white, charcoal black, electric blue and copper gold. And unsurprisingly, the gold variant received the most attention and is a huge part of press materials as well. However, if you’re a resident of the UK, your options might be fairly limited.

A new announced has revealed that the Galaxy S5 in gold will be exclusive through Vodafone UK in the region. This means that Samsung will not sell the smartphone directly through its retail outlets in the UK, well not initially at least. The smartphone will go up for pre order starting from the 28th of March which is next Friday, with launch commencing a couple of weeks after that.

We’re guessing this will be the same story in the U.S. as well, with a particular carrier getting exclusivity over colors. The electric blue variant might be an exclusive variant too, although Samsung or the carriers across the globe are yet to clarify.