Google & Microsoft Put A Stop To Dual-Booting Portables


Asus has been forced to abandon the dual-booting Transformer Book Duet TD300 due to strong opposition from both Google and Microsoft, according to sources for The Wall Street Journal.

Announced at CES back in January, the notebook would have allowed users to run Android and Windows on the same machine, then quickly switch between them. But its fate has looked uncertain since Asus postponed its launch this month.

DigiTimes reported earlier this month that Asus was unlikely to launch the Transformer Book Duet TD300 because doing so “runs the risk of offending Google and Microsoft.” Now the two technology giants have forced Asus to “indefinitely postpone” the machine.

In addition, Asus will cease selling two dual-OS all-in-one desktops that were launched last year. According to a memo obtained by The Journal, one of the main reasons behind this move is Microsoft’s “new policy” against supporting dual-OS products.

Google doesn’t want to see them, either. The company feels such devices would benefit Microsoft more than Google, further increasing its market share.

If you were dreaming of a dual-booting notebook, then, it looks like you’re out of luck — unless you create one yourself.