Jawbone UP24 Activity Tracker Finally Gets Android Support


Jawbone today updated its official Android companion app to finally deliver support for the Jawbone UP24. Version 3.0 of the UP app lets you wirelessly sync the company’s latest activity tracker to monitor things like sleep, exercise, and more.

iOS users have been enjoying support for the UP24 for many months, but Jawbone says it is thrilled to finally bring the same level of functionality to Android.

“We believe that helping people understand the context and meaning of their data is key in helping to make sustained behavior changes. Through our investment in data science we have been able to provide personalized insights to help nudge people to meet their sleep or activity goals,” said Travis Bogard, vice president of product management and strategy for Jawbone.

“Now with the launch of UP24 on Android, our entire community can enjoy the benefits of these insights in real-time, with continuous feedback and in-the-moment notifications to help them achieve their goals. Android users have been incredibly active in the UP community, and we’re thrilled to bring UP24 to the Android platform.”

After connecting your UP24 wristband to your Android device, you’ll be able to monitor your movements, sleep patterns, and meals. You can track how many steps you take each day, how many calories you consume, and whether you’re getting enough sleep.

The UP app itself is free, and it’s available to download now from Google Play by following the source link below.