Massive Talon Update Brings Dozens Of New Features


Talon, one of our favorite Twitter clients available for Android, just got a brand new update that delivers dozens of new features. In addition to design and interface improvements, there’s a new Discover section, picture galleries embedded in user profiles, two new transparent widgets, and lots more.

In the latest version of Talon, the “pull” feature, which streams tweets to your timeline in real-time, is automatically deactivated when you have no data connection to preserve your battery. When your smartphone goes online again, it’ll fetch all the tweets you’ve missed while you were offline.

There’s also a new Discover tab, which is home to trends, suggested users, and nearby tweets. You’ll find the Discover button in the navigation drawer alongside Mentions and Direct Messages. What’s more, when viewing a user profile, you’ll now be able to see a gallery of the images they’ve uploaded to Twitter.

The update also brings two new transparent widget themes, notification and DashClock improvements, and the ability to destroy saved searches. Here’s the full list of changes:

– Talon Pull will automatically shut down to preserve battery when no data connection is active, then restart and check your timeline for missed tweets when data becomes available again.
– Compose button can now float over the main timelines instead of being in the action bar
– New Discover tab in the drawer for trends, suggested users, and nearby tweets
– Pictures page on a users profile
– Custom Light Flow support (In future Light Flow update)
– Favorite users timeline is now an option for the extra pages
– Animations for opening new pages and windows
– Post tweets from different accounts in the compose window
– Notifications button in the action bar for Talon Pull iteractions
– Unread “bar” widget
– Separated the DashClock settings from the notification settings
– Widget themed differently
– Two new transparent widget themes
– Added time ago to the widget items
– Mute expressions and keywords on tweets
– View up to 100 retweeters of a status (API limit)
– View users mentions and favorites on their profiles
– Favorite user tweet notifications will now open directly to the tweet
– Added option to manually select location for local trends
– Saved Searches drawer item
– Save and destroy saved searches
– Added picture filter to searches
– Added retweet filter to searches
– Auto-complete users from the tweet reply
– RTL support for Android 4.2 and above
– Themers can now theme the action bar
– Themers can now change the background for the windows
– Live streaming should now preform a background refresh to avoid missing tweets if your data connection changes
– DashClock updates immediately after closing the app
– Better organization of settings
– Some support for images in-line
– Option to automatically open the keyboard when you open the tweet viewer

– Layout and sizing optimizations for Talon layout
– Super smooth scrolling optimizations
– Higher quality profile pictures
– Management of Talon Pull and keeping it active
– Remade the tweet viewer layout
– Much better image sizing on tweet viewer
– Faster and more efficient loading of data on the timelines
– Photo viewer tweeks
– Unread count for live streaming
– New time format on tweets for better sizing
– Changed the conversation and discussion style
– Opening notifications will now take you to the correct place
– Auto-complete of users. Opening their profile will now make them searchable
– Much more efficient and useful highlighting of users, hashtags, and links
– Ability to open retweeters profile when viewing a retweet
– Displaying links on timeline
– Uploading new profile and banner pictures
– Don’t blur the banner picture in the drawer. Will have to clear cache for this to take effect
– Displaying and sharing Twitter picture links
– Hashtag muting support, works on mentions now too
– Set up so themers could use a transparent action bar if they would like
– Retweets from Talon Pull in interactions drawer, they now stack on top of each other instead of creating an instance for every new one
– Theme selection
– Better support for multiple links in tweets
– Doesn’t reset search when device is rotated
– Typos and casing in settings
– Bad search icon on some of the pages
– Cleaned up advanced settings
– User names in action bar on profile viewer
– Better management of live streaming unread count
– Management of widget updates
– Swipe to dismiss updates on the interactions drawer
– A bit larger auto-complete box
– Better memory management again
– Updated all of the translations
– Styling of Pebble notifications
– Translations

– Images won’t get mixed up between people or tweets anymore
– Images will be full screen when the load on the tweet viewer if you had problems with that
– Action bar not always being set to overlay, so it created a jumpy behavior and big margin at the top
– A little bit better Vine support. Sound is an issue though.
– Excessive lag when closing the tweet viewer or profiles on lower end devices (caused from the background processes not being stopped)
– TONS of Tweetmarker fixes (I think it should be working very well now… at least through my testing!)
– Talon Pull sometimes shutting down the connection with the server
– Pebble notifications will now work for everyone
– Fixed the compose window not always shutting
– Problems with the drawer states and both drawers sometimes being open
– Disable custom font option if an addon theme is applied
– Leaky cursors and receivers
– Your avatar sometimes changing when scrolling through the timeline (hopefully)
– Some things not being translated correctly
– Match international characters correctly in hashtags
– Some audio problems with playing videos in the in-app browser
– Tons of play store crash reports