Google Play Music Now Lets You Create Radio Stations Based On Your Playlists


You can now create radio stations based on your favorite playlists in Google Play Music for Android. The feature has been added to the Play Music app in a new release rolling out this week.

We’ve long been able to create radio stations based on tracks and artists inside Play Music, but now you can create one based on an entire playlist. This allows you to give Google’s radio algorithm has a whole bunch of songs to look at — as opposed to just one — when creating a new station.

As a result, your results should be better suited to the music you’re into, or the genre you feel like listening to at the time — and they won’t be quite as random.

The latest Play Music update comes with version number “5.4.1413N,” and it’s rolling out now via Google Play. It also brings the ability to pin radio stations for offline listening, a “play next” button in the context menu, and several bug fixes.

Like all Google app updates, it’ll come in phases, so if you don’t see it yet it should appear over the coming days.