T-Mobile Galaxy S5 Pre Registrations Cross 300,000

Galaxy S5

The T-Mobile team was quite excited a few days ago when it announced the surpassing of 100,000 pre registrations for the Samsung Galaxy S5, just two days after its announcement. And today, the carrier has announced the crossing of over 300,000 pre registrations in about 10 days since the device was officially announced.

Of course, T-Mobile was quite excited to brag of this accomplishment as no device in recent memory has received such a massive reception. However, it must be noted that these are just pre registrations and not pre orders. A majority of these users might not even end up getting the device from T-Mobile or from any other carrier for that matter. So while this exercise will allow the carrier to gauge the interest among fans, it’s not necessarily an indicator of sales.

Users will have to wait another month to get more information on the new Samsung flagship as it will be launched simultaneously across the globe on the 11th of April. Are you one of those 300,000 pre registered customers? Let us know by leaving a comment below.