Evernote Brings Handwriting Recognition To Android


Evernote has updated its Android app to introduce handwriting recognition, allowing you to search all the notes and sketches you jot down with a fingertip or stylus. The latest release also deliver an enhanced note editor, a faster camera experience, and numerous bug fixes.

Evernote first introduced handwriting recognition to iOS more than a year ago via its Penultimate app, allowing users to quickly seek out keywords in all the notes they’d written by hand. And after a lengthy wait, the feature is finally baked into the free Evernote app for Android.

So, when you perform a search inside the Evernote app, your results will no longer be limited to notes you’ve typed up; handwritten documents, sketches, diagrams, and more will also appear.


This is great news for those with devices like the Galaxy Note, who often use their S Pen stylus to quickly jot down important information they don’t want to forget.

In addition to handwriting recognition, Evernote now allows you to add sketches, audio recordings, images, and more into the same note.

“Say you’re in chemistry class. You should be able to type everything that the professor says, draw a chemical structure, type some more, all while recording audio from the lecture,” the company says on its blog. “These aren’t separate ideas. They should all live together. And that’s what we built.”


The latest Evernote update for Android also includes an enhanced editor that aims to better handle the notes you create on other platforms, plus a faster camera experience that promises better autofocus, and eliminates the lag you may have endured in the past.

You can download the update now via Google Play by following the source link below.