Soap Is The World’s First Smart Router Powered By Android [Kickstarter]


Our home broadband routers are somewhat primitive things; they’re connected to every wireless device in our home, and yet they do very little with them. Soap hopes to change that. It’s the world’s first “smart router” powered by Android, and it adds a whole host of clever functionality to what was once little more than a basic white box.

Soap lets you avoid hackers, hide your home Wi-Fi network, block online ads, and control all kinds of electronics around your home — including your garage door, your lights, and your locks.

“Soap is basically next-generation smart hub that makes it possible for you to control every single aspect of not just your network, but your electronic devices as well,” reads Soap’s Kickstarter page. “Think of it as your home automation hub, wireless router, parental control system, an internet security system and much more – all in one place.”

Because Soap is powered by Android, and features a large, built-in touchscreen, it boasts all kinds of features and functions you don’t normally get with home broadband routers. In fact, its routing feature really only account for a very small part of what it can actually do. Check out the video below.

Not only can Soap help you control your home and protect your network, then, but you can also use it to monitor the devices on your network using Soap SpyMode. It sounds kind of creepy, actually — but if you have kids and you want to see what they’re up to online, Soap will actually provide you with a real-time stream of their display.

Soap has already surpassed its funding goal of $80,000 on Kickstarter — it’s at $96,579 as I write this — so there’s no doubt it’ll enter production. And you can still get your hands on one with a pledge of $80 or more. Funding ends on Sunday, March 23, so you have until then to back this project. Just follow the source link below.