Moto G’s KitKat Update Causing Connection Problems For Some


The Motorola Moto G’s Android 4.4.2 KitKat update is causing intermittent connection losses for some users, often forcing them to restart their handset to reinstate a cellular signal. The issue has been reported on the Motorola support forums and the company has acknowledged it, so you should expect a fix soon.

The problem doesn’t always result in a complete loss of connection; sometimes cellular signal just drops significantly and is later restored automatically. But in some cases, only a complete reboot will fix the issue. When attempting to make a call with no signal, users are told to disable airplane mode — even though it’s not active.

This problem wasn’t present in Android 4.4 for the Moto G — just the latest version of KitKat — and it appears to be affecting a wide range of devices on different carriers. The good news is, Motorola knows about it, and a company official confirmed in the forum thread that engineers are working to fix it.

If you’re a Moto G user, then, you can expect a software update to fix this problem soon.