Nokia X Apps Can Now Be Ported To Any Android Smartphone [Download]

Nokia Apps

Although the newly announced Nokia X devices run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, they are quite different from a run of the mill Android smartphone. Instead of relying on Google’s services, Nokia has decided to go with its own unique UI layering and set of apps. And now, these services can be ported onto any Android device of your choice thanks to a developer over at the XDA forums. Last week, we saw the Nokia X Appstore leaking out in the same fashion.

This developer has made apps like Nokia Music, Nokia File Explorer and Nokia Email available for download unofficially. Users willing to get the Nokia Launcher on their device though will have to ensure that the smartphone is rooted and also have a bit of custom recovery know-how. Installing the launcher will require users to flash the file straight from recovery, unlike traditional apk side loading, so it can get a bit complicated for new users. The remaining apps can be side loaded to any Android devices with relative ease.

Credit for this port goes to an XDA user called opssemnik who has taken the time to port these apps from the Nokia X. The Nokia File Explorer, Nokia Music and the Nokia Email apps are pretty standard and will only have to satisfy your curiosity, while the Nokia Launcher will give you the complete Nokia X experience. Hit the links below to download the apps and make sure you’re aware of all the risks before going ahead with the process.

(Nokia Email) (Nokia File Explorer) (Nokia Music)