BlackBerry To Address BBM’s Measly 6MB Transfer Limit In Next Update


BlackBerry has confirmed that it will address BBM’s measly 6MB transfer limit in its next update. The company says it has “heard users loud and clear,” and it has vowed to allow the transfer of larger files over the popular instant messaging service.

Having a 6MB limit makes file sharing in BBM largely pointless. In this day and age, 6MB gets you nothing. Single songs usually weigh in at more than that, as do photographs taken with a half-decent camera. It’s no wonder, then, that BBM users want this issue to be addressed.

Fortunately, BlackBerry is listening — and it’s going to make some changes.

BlackBerry has “heard users loud and clear,” BBM Product Marketing chief Jeff Gadway told CrackBerry. “We’re addressing the 6MB file transfer limit in the next [version] of BBM.”

It’s unclear when the next version of BBM will be available. It’s likely to reach BlackBerry devices first before making its way to Android and iOS, so we could be in for a lengthy wait — but it’s certainly nice to know that the Canadian company is planning to fix this problem.