MediaTek Will Also Launch Its Own Hexa-Core Chip

MediaTek Hexa Core

If you thought Samsung was the only company capable of launching a hexa-core chipset, think again. Taiwanese chip maker MediaTek appears to be working on its very own six core chipset to combat Samsung’s Exynos 5260 Hexa.

The chip goes by the model number MT6591 and is reportedly being manufactured already. So we could see devices sporting this SoC in the coming months. As of now, the only hexa-core smartphone available in the market is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo, which features the aforementioned Exynos chipset.

Samsung made it clear during its announcement that we can expect many more smartphones with its six-core chipset to launch in the coming months. And now with MediaTek joining the fray as well, the market could get more competitive.

The existence of MediaTek’s new chip was revealed by a leaked roadmap, so there’s no info on the CPU architecture which could be used for this System-on-Chip. The clock speed however is revealed to be 1.5 GHz. The chip doesn’t support 4G LTE but only 3G HSPA radios, so it’s not a powerhouse by any means. It will be able to handle 1080p display resolutions though.