Apple Awarded Injunction Against Motorola Android Products In Germany And Why It Only Matters To Lawyers

The latest ruling to come out of the ridiculous patent game comes in favor of Apple and awards them an injunction on Motorola Android products found to infringe on an Apple patent regarding scrolling behavior in the photo gallery application. What does this ruling actually mean for German users? Nothing really. Motorola will simply push an update to change the scrolling behavior and that will be the end of that. Will German Motorola users notice the change? Most likely not. So what was the point? The same point of everything that involves lawyers — money.

I don’t know about you but I’ve grown overly tired of these patent lawsuits and can think of a million better ways to spend all that money. Anyhoo, if this is your cup of tea, check out the source links for all the dirty details.

via The Verge