Sonos Update Adds Android Tablet Support, New Features & Sonos Labs Beta

Sonos has issued an update to its Sonos System Software today which adds a number of exciting new features that promise to enhance your Sonos experience. In addition to support for Slacker Radio in the U.S. and Canada, and new Spotify features, the update adds support for Android tablets, and a ‘Sonos Labs’ beta.

Those who use Sonos Controller on their Android smartphone can now enjoy the application on their Android tablets as well — as long as you’re running Android 2.2 or higher. Android users can also enjoy new enhancements such as alarms, music library management, and Twitter support. The latest Sonos Controller app can be downloaded immediately from the Android Market.

In addition to support for Android tablet, those in the U.S. and Canada can enjoy Slacker Radio that allows them to tune into over 150 stations with a library of millions songs. And new Spotify features that provide access to your Spotify inbox, and allow you to play tracks from Spotify’s new releases and top tracks categories.

Arguably the most exciting new feature, however, is the introduction of Sonos Labs, a “new Beta environment where customers will be able to test out music services before they’re officially launched on Sonos.” Rhonda Scott, a Sonos spokeswoman, told

“The idea behind Sonos Labs is to give music app and service developers a streamlined process to hook into Sonos.”

That suggests we’re likely to see Sonos integration in other applications, with the opportunity for third-party developers to build apps that work with our Sonos systems and further enhance our experience.