Turn Your Galaxy Nexus Into A Power Touting Cell Phone From The 90’s With Seidio’s 3800mAh Battery

There’s no arguing the fact that smartphones could use more power, however, when your phone starts to look like a blast from the past due to an oversized battery pack sticking off of it, it’s time to think things over. That’s the case with Seido’s latest extended battery for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This 3800mAh behemoth will certainly get the power user through the day, but you’ll look like Zach Morris doing it.

The good news, Seido has added NFC to their large offering, making sure you can still use your hacked Google Wallet and Android Beam. The bad news, it’s bulky, costs $80, and doesn’t work with the GSM model of the Galaxy Nexus. Well, at least you know such a thing exists should you ever need to turn your Verizon Galaxy Nexus into a Galaxy Power Brick. If you want to pick one of these things up, hit the gym, then follow the link below.