You Can Finally Deactivate Old Devices In Google Play Music For Android


Have old devices connected to your Google Play Music account, using up your quota? You can finally deactivate them directly from your Android device, thanks to a new update rolling out now via the Play Store.

Maybe you haven’t reached your Google Play Music device limit yet, but there’s a good chance you will at some point if you’re a long-time user. Only 10 devices can be authorized by your account at any one time, and once you’ve reached that limit, you won’t be able to access your music on unregistered devices.

Until now, Google forced users to log into the Play Music web player and deactivate devices from there, but a new update rolling out now allows you to do this from within the Android app on your smartphone or tablet.

The release also brings some minor interface tweaks, most notably to the arrangement of the navigation drawer and a relocated Chromecast button. If you haven’t already received it yet, you should do soon.