New HTC M8 Photo Shows Off Slimmer Bezel [Leak]


The HTC M8 is no longer a big mystery thanks to a plethora of leaks over the past several weeks have given us a clear idea of what we can expect from the flagship handset. The latest leaked photo suggests HTC will remove its logo from the front of the device to offer a slimmer bezel and free up more space for the display.

It was known in the past that the M8 would feature a relatively similar design as its successor, the HTC One. While that is not being disputed, the new leak reveals slimmer bezels all around the display that could mean a slightly larger screen inside the same form factor.

The rest of the device is remarkably similar to the original One in terms of design, with the only difference being the bezels and the onscreen navigation buttons — but most would consider that a good thing given the acclaim the original received for its cool aluminum design.

It sort of makes sense for HTC to stick with this look, then — especially as design is something that Samsung has struggled with over the years. HTC needs all the upper hands it can get while it tries to turn its smartphone business around, so why change a winning formula?

The HTC M8 is scheduled for an NYC announcement in late March, according to reports, so we can hope for more leaks to surface by then.