Set Custom Notification Sounds For Individual Apps With MegaSound [Tip]


By default, many Android notifications make the same sound, so there’s no way to distinguish between emails, messages, and other alerts without actually waking your phone up and looking at them. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

With MegaSound, you can set custom notifications for individual apps, so you’ll know exactly what’s coming in without even having to touch your handset.

When you open up MegaSound, you’re presented with a list of the apps installed on your smartphone — every single one. You can then tap the ones you wish to set custom sounds for and select the alert tone you want your phone to play when that app sends you a notification.

So you can have a different sound for emails, text messages, Candy Crush advertisements, Facebook and WhatsApp messages, eBay notifications, and just about everything else — and you’ll know exactly what those notifications are as they come in without having wake up your device.


MegaSound also allows you to set a default tone, which will be used by the apps that you don’t give custom notifications to.

The app is still in beta right now, so it may not be completely perfect — but I’ve been using it for about six hours today, and so far it’s been working flawlessly. MegaSound is free, and you can download it now from Google Play by following the source link below.