Get An Unofficial Sense 5 On Any Android With Do Launcher


While most of us would prefer a stock Android experience given the choice, HTC’s Sense user interface has gotten really good in recent years. Not only does it look great, but features like BlinkFeed actually make it really useful. Unfortunately, it’s only available on HTC’s own devices… at least officially.

Do Launcher aims to provide the Sense 5 experience on other Android-powered smartphones. It has Sense 5 icons and animations, its own BlinkFeed alternative with support for custom RSS feeds, and more.

Do Launcher was developed by “doga.ozkaraca” of the XDA Developers forum, and it’s currently in beta phase. It’s not quite perfect yet, then, but it’s certainly the closest you’ll get to Sense 5 on a non-HTC device; it’s built using many of HTC’s original Sense 5 files.

What you get, then, is an HTC dock on your home screen, and the “DogaFeed” BlinkFeed alternative — which you access by swiping to the right on your home screen, just like the real thing. You can add your own RSS feeds to DogaFeed to customize it, and it also displays the time, date, and weather at the top of the screen.

There are actually five themes built into Do Launcher, so in addition to the regular Sense 5 look, you can apply blue, dark red, purple, and green color schemes.

You can tell Go Launcher is still a beta. DogaFeed doesn’t automatically load images by default, and activating auto-load can cause problems at things stand. I also had a problem applying the themes; only a couple of them worked for me on my Nexus 5.

Having said that, it’s certainly a great attempt at bringing Sense 5 to other devices, and it’ll certainly be interesting to follow Do Launcher’s development as it gets better. If you like the Sense look, then, and you’re itching to get your hands on BlinkFeed, follow the source link below to download the app.