Google Now Glitch Gives Absurd Answer To Mundane Question [Video]


One of the quickest ways to get an answer to any question is to ask Google Now, but it doesn’t always provide an appropriate response. For example, it has no idea how many countries there are in the world, and its response to this question is laughable. Check out the video below.

Google Now actually explains that there are different answers to this question — depending on the source. “There are 189, 191, 192, 193, 194, 195, or 196 independent countries in the world today,” it says. But thanks to a strange glitch, it incorrectly parses those commas and sees the result as one number.

Strangely, this only seems to happen to those based in the U.S. When I asked the same question in the U.K., I got a simple answer: “there are 196 countries.”

I couldn’t resist the urge to ask Siri the same to see what kind of response I got from that, but it didn’t even try to find an answer for me. Instead, it simply directed me to a Wikipedia page on “Country” and expected me to dig out the answer myself. I still don’t know what the actual answer is.