Even Microsoft’s Xbox Team Chooses Android Over Windows Phone


When not even your own employees want to use your smartphone operating system, how are you supposed to win over consumers? That’s the question Microsoft is facing after one of its Xbox employees was caught tweeting from an Android as opposed to one of the company’s own Windows Phone devices.

BfRqxP1CUAADbt0-2We often see a similar slip-up from celebrities who are paid to endorse something — like when Oprah praised the Surface from her iPad — but it’s not often we see companies themselves making the same mistake. Unfortunately for Microsoft, one of its Xbox staffers did earlier this week.

A tweet about the Madden Bowl competition in New Orleans was sent using the official Twitter app for Android. It was spotted by an eagle-eyed Twitter user who was running TweetBot for iPhone, one of the few apps which detects and displays the Twitter client used when sending a tweet.

The Next Web notes that the Xbox account has also sent other tweets from Twitter for Android, and as well as Vine, and an app called Spinklr. It seems as though the account is being operated from an employee’s personal phone, but this wouldn’t be the first time a Microsoft team has prioritized rival platforms over its own.

On Thursday, Microsoft launched a new service called Bing Rewards, which lets users earn credits just for using the search service. It was launched on Android and iOS, but Microsoft’s own Windows Phone users have been forced to wait for it.