Sony’s Clip-On Smartphone Cameras Will Soon Be Tablet-Compatible


Remember Sony’s clip-on smartphone cameras that were announced last year? Well, if you were one of the few who forked out hundreds of dollars to get one, you’ll be pleased to know it’ll soon be compatible with your tablet. Sony is launching a collection of tablet attachments in the coming months in a range of sizes that are expected to cost around $36.

The mount that ships with the QX10 and QX100 clip-on cameras has a maximum width of 75mm, meaning it only fits devices under a certain size — not even Sony’s own Xperia Z Ultra is compatible thanks to its giant 6.4-inch display. But the SPA-TA1 tablet attachment hopes to solve that.

Designed to fit devices that measure between 85mm and 190mm in width, the attachment will fit pretty much every tablet on the market. There will be six different options — not just one adjustable one — so if you change your tablet and you don’t stick to the same size, you’ll probably need a new attachment, too.


XperiaBlog reports that the attachments will go on sale in Japan on April 4, priced at ¥3,675. That’s about $36 in the U.S., or £21 in the U.K. There’s no information on a worldwide release just yet, but we expect the attachments to be available wherever the QX10 and QX100 are on sale.