Google’s New Titanium Glass Collection Supports Prescription Lenses [Video]


If you’re anything like this writer, one of the main impediments making you think twice about purchasing a Google Glass headset is the fact that you already wear prescription glasses.

To solve this problem, Google has now unveiled its long-awaited (and rumored) Google Glass units for prescription glasses wearers: the so-called Google Glass Titanium Collection, which replaces the headband currently used for Google Glass with more traditional frames (including the option of some nifty sunglasses).

Google is partnering with several eye care professional companies to create the lenses, and has reportedly signed with healthcare provider VSP to help train optometrists.

Google is also offering the lenses in non-prescription models, to appeal to non-glasses wearing Glass users (if that makes sense) who simply want a few more options.

Prices range from $150 (for the Classic and Edge sunglasses) up to $225 for the other frames. That’s in addition to the $1,499 you already owe Google for Glass, of course.

A new ad released by Google advises users to “make Glass your own.” The ad can be seen below: