Motorola Migrate Makes It Easier To Ditch Your iPhone For Android


If you’ve been thinking about ditching your iPhone for an Android-powered smartphone, but you’ve been put off by the time and effort it takes to transfer all of your data, you no longer have an excuse not to make the move. Motorola just updated its Migrate transfer tool to support iPhone users who want to make the switch.

Using Migrate, users can transfer all of their contacts and calendar entries from their old iPhone to a new Motorola handset in just a few simple steps. It all happens without wires, and it’s completely free.

Motorola first launched Migrate back in December to help existing Android users transfer all of their data from an old Android-powered device to their new Motorola smartphone, but thanks to a new update, the app now supports those switching from iPhone, too.

Not all Motorola handsets are supported, but Migrate does work with the Moto X, Moto G, Droid Ultra, Droid Maxx, and Droid Mini. It’s also worth noting that at this point, Migrate will only transfer your contacts and calendars from iCloud — you’ll have to move your pictures, videos, and other data manually.

To use Migrate, follow the source link below to download the app for free. Then load it up, sign into iCloud, and let it do its thing.