Mad Catz MOJO Console Rooted For Expanded Access To Google Play


The Android-powered MOJO console from Mad Catz has successfully been rooted, giving users expanded access to the Google Play Store. Setup is as easy as flashing a custom boot image using a Mac, Windows, or Linux-powered PC; there’s no need to overwrite the MOJO’s existing ROM or alter the contents of its data partition.

Paul O’Brien of MoDaCo, who is responsible for this hack, explains how it works:

Superboot is a boot.img that when booted, will root your device the first time you boot (installing su and the superuser APK). No need to flash any partitions, no messing with the contents of your data partition, no overwriting the shipped ROM on your device, just boot the boot image using the instructions below and you’re done!

All you need is the boot image, which you can download from MoDaCo by following the source link below, and a male-to-male USB cable. Then you simply put the MOJO into bootloader mode, connect it to your PC, and flash the custom boot image using some simple commands.

After a reboot, your MOJO will have the Superuser APK. You will then be able to access Android apps in Google Play that previously weren’t available to MOJO users.

For detailed instructions and to download the boot image, just click the source link below.