Samsung’s Revamped TouchWiz UI Leaks Again


Last week a series of screenshots were posted on Twitter indicating that Samsung’s in the process of working on a major design overhaul for its famous TouchWiz user interface which gets plastered over the top of the traditional Android OS on all of its current smartphones. Today, two new screenshots have emerged showing what appears to be an informative card based UI, similar to what Google created with Now.

The pictures reveal that the latest version of TouchWiz will have a ‘smart card’ for just about everything, including your current location, food orders, biking/cycling information, sports scores, flight information, delivery dates, fitness statistics, food orders, home automation, social networking feeds, music player, gift cards, weather and upcoming calendar events.

Most of the cards listed above are available in Google Now, but it appears that Samsung’s approach to the service is a lot more social-based, with information being provided on your home screen for friends birthdays, local events, check-in information, locating sharing and SMS integration.

The last two sets of images lead us to believe that the South Korean company has the intention of making relevant information easily accessible to the user in it’s upcoming redesign. Users no longer have to open up a series of applications to obtain data that is important to them, instead it will automatically be displayed directly on their home screen.

You can see all of the TouchWiz upgrade images we have obtained so far in the gallery below:

Unfortunately, the above designs have not been confirmed. According to the incredibly accurate source of leaks, @Eleaks, Samsung is simply “exploring” this interface, so it’s perfectly feasible that it could be scrapped in favor of something different.

Samsung’s revamped version of TouchWiz is rumored to debut on the Galaxy S5 which, according to recent leaks, rumors and speculation, will be unveiled later this year, featuring a 5.25-inch Quad HD display comprising of 1,440 x 2,560 pixels, a 16-megapixel rear-facing camera with optical image stabilization, as well as two processors: a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 and an eight-core Samsung Exynos 6 chipset.