Latest SwiftKey Update Quashes Bugs & Improves Performance


SwiftKey, one of Android’s most popular third-party keyboards, got a welcome update today that’s filled with bug fixes and performance improvements.

The version 4.4.2 release prevents the SwiftKey keyboard from crashing when loading languages and from jumping when unlocking a password-protected device, and irons out issues with SwiftKey Cloud syncing.

Here’s the complete list of changes and improvements:

  • Several memory and performance issues resolved
  • Ice theme uses less RAM now
  • Some force closes when loading languages
  • Other force closes affecting different parts of the app
  • Keyboard no longer jumps after unlocking the device with a password
  • The bottom row is no longer hidden by the menu bar on some Motorola and Meizu devices (if you are experiencing this issue on other devices, we would really like to know so please tell us at
  • Fixed some issues with SwiftKey Cloud sync

While there are no major new features, SwiftKey 4.4.2 will be greeted with open arms by users who have been affected by the problems mentioned above. The update will greatly improve the performance and stability of the keyboard.

SwiftKey 4.4.2 is rolling out today via Google Play, and should be available soon through the Amazon Appstore.