Xbox Music For Android Now Supports Offline Playlists


Microsoft updated its Xbox Music app for iOS last week to add support for offline playlists, and now its Android counterpart is getting the same treatment. The update, which is rolling out now via Google Play, also adds a new feature that lets you play all of your music by genre.

Support for offline playlists was one of the most notable shortfalls of Xbox Music when it made its debut on Android last September, but today’s update fixes that. Users can now use the “make offline” toggle within their playlists to save them locally, allowing them to be played without a data connection.

The feature is perfect for those who frequently use their data connection, but you’ll need to remember that saving music locally will eat into your device’s storage space. That’s something to think about before you decide to download 100+ songs.

In addition to this, users on Android can now view and play their music collections by genre.

Today’s Xbox Music update is available to download now from Google Play. As always, the app itself is free, but you’ll need an Xbox Music subscription priced at $9.99 to use it.