Meet The New Galaxy Tab Pro Family [CES 2014]

Credit: Engadget

Credit: Engadget


Earlier today, Samsung took to the stage at CES to introduced us to its new range of Galaxy Tab Pro variants, all of which pack some pretty impressive specifications, not to mention their absolutely stunning design. The Tab Pro is available in three sizes — 8.4, 10.1 and 12.2 inches — whereas the Note Pro is only available in the larger size of 12.2 inches.

All 4G LTE variants pack Qualcomm’s 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 chipset, while the 3G-enabled and Wi-Fi-only models sport Samsung’s Exynos 5420 processor, which incorporates four 1.9GHz Cortex-A15 CPUs running alongside an additional four 1.3GHz Cortex-A7 chips that take care of all of the heavy lifting, in terms of performance.

Both the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 and 10.1 pack a standard 2GB of RAM, whereas the Tab Pro 12.2 and Note Pro sport a rare and beefy 3GB of DDR3 RAM — so multitasking will be smoother and snappier than before. All the slates embody gorgeous LCD displays with a resolution of 1600 x 2560, an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera and a 2-megapixel front-facing shooter.

The internal memory capacity varies between devices, with the 8.4 and 10.1 models housing either 16GB or 32GB of flash memory, whereas the 12.2 variants have the option of either 32GB or 64GB of built-in storage. However, all models are expandable up to 64GB of external memory via a microSD card.

The devices differ by way of their battery capacity; both 12.2-inch models pack whopping 9,500 mAh unremovable cells, whereas the 10.1-inch Tab Pro sports a powerful 8,220 mAh battery and the Tab Pro 8.4 features a significantly smaller 4,800 mAh power unit.

Unlike the other three devices, the Galaxy Note Pro packs a fully functional S Pen, along with Samsung’s dedicated stylus software, including Air Command.

Unfortunately, Samsung gave us no indication of cost or availability, but fortunately we  have a rough idea on pricing, thanks to SamMobile. According to one of the publication’s “reliable sources,” all of the devices will go on sale in Europe and the United States, so be sure to check out the full list of purported prices below:

  • Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 8.4, Wi-Fi: €389 (Approx. $529)
  • Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 8.4, LTE: €519 (Approx. $706)
  • Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 10.1, Wi-Fi: €479 (Approx. $652)
  • Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 10.1 LTE: €609 (Approx. $829)
  • Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 12.2, Wi-Fi: €649 (Approx. $883)
  • Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 12.2, LTE: €749 (Approx. $1,019)
  • Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2, Wi-Fi: €749 (Approx. $1,019)
  • Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2, LTE: €849 (Approx. $1,155)