AT&T Expands Its LTE Coverage To Stephenville, Texas


AT&T has again broadened its horizons by expanding its 4G network coverage across Texas and launching the availability of its “super fast” LTE signal to Stephenville, TX as part of its three-year Project Velocity IP (VIP) investment plan, which is aimed at improving and enhancing both broadband and 4G network access across the whole of the United States.

“We continue to see demand for mobile Internet skyrocket, and our 4G LTE network in Stephenville responds to what customers want from their mobile experience — more, faster, reliable, and on the best devices,” says Hardmon Williams, AT&T Vice-President/General Manager North Texas.

As part of the VIP investment plan, AT&T is set to deploy approximately 10,000 new macro cell sites and over 40,000 smaller ones all around the U.S. before the end of 2015.

In addition, the operator will also add more than 1,000 new Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to its rapidly growing cellular hardware network, to increase the coverage provided by AT&T’s Wireless Fidelity network by utilizing ““multiple small antennas to maximize coverage and speed within stadiums, convention centres, office buildings, hotels and other areas where traditional coverage methods are challenging.” According to AT&T, this free-to-access Wi-Fi network currently consists of over 32,000 Hot Spots, which are strategically placed at various public locations across the country.

If you’re in Texas and you have the ability to access the LTE network, why not give AT&T a call today to upgrade to one of its 4G plans — I promise, you won’t be disappointed.