MX Player Finally Works With The Latest Versions Of KitKat


MX Player, one of the most popular third-party video players on Android, finally supports the latest versions of KitKat. The app stopped working for Nexus owners earlier this month when Google rolled out Android 4.4.1, but it’s now fully-compatible with the search giant’s latest software.

So no matter whether you’re running Android 4.4, 4.4.1, or 4.4.2, MX Player should be working flawlessly again. You’ll no longer receive an error that reads “unsupported Android version” when you attempt to open a video.

MX Player actually worked just fine under Android 4.4 already, so why weren’t the later versions supported?

Well, the app’s developers have implemented a feature that checks which version of Android you’re running before it opens. If you’re running a version that hasn’t been tested with MX Player yet, then the app refuses to open. It doesn’t just tell you it hasn’t been tested, it just won’t run at all.

Lots of users became frustrated with this when MX Player stopped working after the Android 4.4.1 update, but there’s a good reason why developers do it. You see, unlike Apple, Google doesn’t provide developers with early access to its Android updates before they’re made available to the public — so they cannot test their apps before the update rolls out.

With that being the case, there’s a chance that when Google releases its Android update, their app isn’t compatible, or it becomes very buggy. To avoid this — and the deluge of one-star Google Play ratings it inevitably brings — some developers implement a block that prevents their app from running on untested Android releases.

That’s what the MX Player creators did. The thing is, that block can be just as frustrating — if not more so because many people don’t understand why it’s there — that an app that runs but has a few bugs.

But it’s working now, thanks to the latest update, which also promises to fix crashes under Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.