Latest Chrome Beta Removes 300ms Tap Delay On Android


While the Google Chrome web browser is arguably the best there is on Android, you’ve probably noticed that it isn’t always the fastest in certain areas. When you tap a link, for example, there’s a delay of around 300ms before Chrome recognizes that tap.

That doesn’t sound like much, but when you take it away, Chrome becomes noticeably snappier. Fortunately, that’s exactly what Google has done with its latest beta release.

“Unfortunately every touch-based mobile browser, across platforms, has an artificial ~300ms delay between you tapping a thing on the screen and the browser considering it a “click”,” explains HTML5 Rocks. “When people think of the web as being sluggish compared to native apps on mobile, this is this one of the main contributors.”

Bit with the latest Chrome 32 beta for Android, that delay is gone, making it noticeably faster. Check out the demonstration video below:

Pretty cool, isn’t it? Give it a whirl yourself by downloading the Chrome 32 beta now from Google Play.