Pebble Update Brings Do Not Disturb Mode, Multiple Alarms & More


Pebble has rolled out a new update to its hugely popular smartwatch, finally adding a Do Not Disturb mode, multiple alarms, better performance on iOS, and numerous new features and improvements.

The Do Not Disturb mode is exactly what you’d expect; you can disable all notifications for a set period of time, ensuring you aren’t distracted during an important meeting, or woken up by spam emails in the middle of the night. You can set it to activate and deactivate automatically at certain times.

The version 1.14 update also brings a number of new features to alarms. You can now create multiple alarms — ideal for those who find one isn’t enough to get them out of bed — toggle existing ones on and off, and edit them. There’s also a new snooze alarm which can be customized from the Pebble Alarms app.

There are improvements to notifications, too; you can now specify what notifications are displayed via the dedicated Notifications menu within Settings. For example, you can choose to see phone calls only, or disable notifications altogether when you need some quiet time.

This update promises to improve performance with iOS devices, so notifications should appear more quickly on your device. Furthermore, Pebble now searches for iOS devices immediately after exiting Airplane Mode — instead of waiting for one minute.

Finally, there are lots of bug fixes in this release, including:

  • Fixed an issue where Pebble may enter “Recovery Mode” immediately after updating to 1.13 firmware.
  • Fixed an issue affecting some iOS Pebblers experiencing dropped Bluetooth connections, a few seconds after connecting.
  • Fixed an issue where Caller ID data would not display on Pebble after receiving a missed call.
  • Fixed Bluetooth data transfer reliability issues, particularly during a firmware update.
  • Fixed an issue where Pebble would sometimes keep vibrating after dismissing or answering a phone call.

To update your Pebble, simply open the Pebble app on your Android or iOS device.