New SwiftKey 4.5 Beta Finally Adds Emoji, Number Row Option


SwiftKey has today rolled out a new beta release, which finally brings support for Emoji to the most popular third-party keyboard on Android, and the option to add a number row. There are over 500 Emoji icons to enjoy, and you can get Emoji recommendations based on the words you type.

SwiftKey includes Emojis for all kinds of things, including smileys, cute characters, sports, food, animals, transport, and the weather. Furthermore, they’ll be recommended to you as you type in a very subtle, non-disruptive way. For example, if you type “pizza,” the pizza Emoji will be suggested in the “candidate bar” above the keyboard — as you can see in the images above.

“Over time, SwiftKey will learn from each individual, so if someone regularly uses a particular emoji next to a specific word, such as their girlfriend’s name and a heart symbol, it will learn to suggest it in future,” SwiftKey says.

In addition to Emoji, SwiftKey 4.5 introduces the ability to add a number row to your keyboard, for quick and easy access to digits. This finally takes advantage of the larger displays on the latest Android devices, and let’s you use some of that additional space for something useful.

You can download the latest SwiftKey beta from the source link below.