Google To Replace Sanjay Jha With Dennis Woodside As CEO Of Motorola Mobility

Bloomberg is reporting that Motorola Mobility will soon have a new CEO as Google plans to replace Sanjay Jha with long time Googler Dennis Woodside. This move won’t take place until the acquisition is complete of course, but it shouldn’t be long as it has already received approval from the Europan Commission and the United States Department of Justice. There’s no word on whether or not Sanjay would still play a role in Motorola Mobility or if he would be out completely but I’m sure he’ll be well compensated either way.

Dennis Woodside is no newbie and has held numerous positions with Google since 2003. He’s been the Director of Business Operations, Managing Director of Emerging Markets, Managing Director and VP of Google UK, President of Google Americas, Senior Vice President, and was actually a Mergers & Acquisitions attorney before coming on with Google. If he should end up replacing Sanjay, he’s more than qualified and should do a good job leading Motorola Mobility into the future.

What do you think? Surprised to see Sanjay Jha go or did you expect something like this to happen? Of course nothing has been officially announced so it’s still possible that this information will turn out to be false, but for now, we’ll relish in the rumor.